#24 - Portland and Beyond

Holy crap, we cover a lot of ground in this episode. Taylor's been to Portland. Todd's losing internet in Nashville. And we do an old-school round up of everything in front of our faces. Stranger Things as a miniseries; Suicide Squad; Rogue One trailer; Dunkirk; Dr. Strange; Inferno; VR with the HTC Vive; Portland comic book shops! Enjoy!

Mentioned in this episode:
* Our Stranger Things episode -- The-todd-taylor-show – S02e06-stranger-things
* Jenny Nicholson's Suicide Squad Sales Pitch -- www.youtube.com/watch?v=PMNFaAUs2mo
* HTC Vive -- www.htcvive.com/us/
* Bridge City Comics -- bridgecitycomics.com/
* Future Dreams -- futuredreamsbooks.com/

Todd A