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Wednesday in Westeros

Every Wednesday, Todd, Taylor,  and Emily discuss the past Sunday's episode of Game of Thrones sometimes with special guests. Join us in theorizing, conjecturing, re-capping, exclaiming and all the other crazy ways we talk about this show.

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Fan Theories

Fan Theories explores the crazy, the clever, and the convoluted world of -- what else -- fan theories. Hosted by the Wrong Button Media duo, Emily Kelley (@thatemilykelley) and Peter Kunin (@skreenrider), we tackle one fandom at a time to talk about theories and questions alike.

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The Todd & Taylor Show

Taylor and Todd used to hang out and talk about nerdy stuff.  Then Taylor suggested we record it. The rest is history. Hosted by @heytodda and @taylortrask

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People of Interest

In each episode of People of Interest, Taylor Trask sits down with a person in business, arts, music, theater, or film to talk about creativity and their career. Follow Taylor on Twitter @taylortrask

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Playing Along

In Playing Along, Todd A has a guest teach him a song of theirs. Their conversations cover learning an instrument, learning music theory, and the mechanics of songwriting. For musicians and fans of music alike, Playing Along opens up the art of playing music. Get behind the scenes videos, articles, and more at

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